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Bio-Hazard/Trauma/Crime Scene Clean-Up

Bio-Hazard/Trauma/Crime Scene Clean-Up

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Crime Scene, Trauma and Bio-Hazard Clean-Up Service1st Restoration & Remodeling understands that not all restoration follows natural disasters. There are many other reasons that clean-up and restoration services are required. This is especially true as it pertains to families and friends in times of need. No one should have to go through the grieving process when compounded with having to clean up from a real tragedy. With extensive experience in the area of post-trauma care for residential and commercial cleaning, Service1st Restoration & Remodeling is able to help in this time of great need. If you are in need of Bio Hazard Clean Up, contact the experienced team at Service 1st Restoration & Remodeling at 717-232-5444  for a free consultation.Services to the local area include
In the case of any violent death or crime scene professional clean-up services are required to handle bodily fluids and prevent infectious diseases. This potentially dangerous clean-up is often left to grieving families. Service1st Restoration is qualified to handle this situation carefully and professionally. 

Much like in the case of a crime scene, families experiencing immeasurable grief are often left not only trying to understand the circumstances of a death, but with the responsibility of cleaning it up. Service 1st Restoration and Remodeling can handle the clean-up process, allowing the family to move on and heal. 

Accidents & Injuries
Much like the other reasons a professional clean-up is needed, accidents and injuries are no exception. Blood can be a difficult fluid to eliminate from any surface, and even though there may have been no death, it’s best to call in the help of a qualified, experienced service like Service 1st Restoration & Remodeling. 

In some situations, remains of humans and/or animals are not found immediately, leading to the need for extensive, professional clean-up. Service 1st Restoration & Remodeling team are familiar with the unpleasantries associated with decomposition clean-up and can make sure the job is done correctly. 

Animal Waste
 It’s common knowledge that animal feces are not only dirty, but frequently hazardous to human health—leading to potential diseases and infections.Service 1st Restoration & Remodeling’s services include eliminating biohazards such as urine, feces and waste to provide a clean and safe environment, while meeting all health and OSHA regulations. 

Police Services
During an arrest, there are many possibilities of patrol car and jail cell contamination. Service 1st Restoration & Remodeling is able to respond to these events awhile disinfecting patrol cars and jail cells polluted by bodily fluids, pepper spray and other contaminants. We understand that timeliness and efficiency are essential in situations such as these. 

Odor Removal
In many bio-hazardous situations, various odors are common. Whether from fecal matter, urine, blood or any bodily fluids, certain odors can permeate all finishings and items in a home, vehicle or room.  Service 1st Restoration & Remodeling has the equipment and training necessary to eliminate odors from any location. We remain OSHA compliant and utilize state of the art techniques to effectively tackle any job. 

 Hoarding has become front-page news recently because of popular television shows, However, it is a real problem that can make a residence uninhabitable. From fecal matter and bodily fluids to excessive trash and expired food leading to mold and mildew, the unsanitary condition that results can be a complete health hazard. The task of cleaning up such a situation can seem insurmountable.Service 1st Restoration & Remodeling’s professionals are well trained in taking the correct precautions while providing services that can make a space livable once again. From sanitizing to deodorizing, we’ve got you covered.