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Fire Damage To My Home: Where Do I Start the Restoration Process

The evening news speaks of the fear: brush fires that near residential neighborhoods. It is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. FIRE. Unfortunately, house fires are dangerous to both the people who live in a home and to the property itself. Fires occur for a variety of reason and they often start with no warning. But even,.. read more →

28 Jul 2014
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Water Everywhere in My House: What Do I Do?

Gurgle, gurgle, drop, drop, splatter, splatter. It kept falling. Suddenly I felt waves of water lapping against the bed, water seeping up the bedspread, drenching sheets, pillows and covers. Was I drowning? Maybe I was dreaming? Suddenly my eyes flew open, as if startled from a bad dream. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t a dream.. read more →

22 Jul 2014
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