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March 11, 2014

Issued by: Jaime Novinger-Toigo, Founder, The Hottest Of Disaster Recovery Charity

Harrisburg, PA:

The “Hottest Of” Disaster Recovery Charity has received a $13,000 grant. This funding was sought by the Charity to be able to provide Loss Control Kits to Local Fire Companies. “We recognize that when someone has gone through a fire, it is one of the most devastating experiences they will ever have in their life. With the Loss Control Kits, local Fire Departments will have the ability to help victims remove and salvage a few of their valuable possessions after the fire”, stated Jaime Novinger –Toigo.

When a homeowner experiences a fire, all contents are in jeopardy to the effects of the by-products of combustion. If left sitting in the areas damaged, these valuable items could be more severely damaged by the heat, smoke and water. Jaime and her team at Service1st Restoration understand these possessions may be valuable but often, more importantly irreplaceable and if the fire departments had the means to help the homeowner remove these items quickly after the extinguishment process there could be less emotional stress to the homeowner.

The Loss Control Kits and the Training to use these kits will be rolled out in May. There will be several grants awarded. Fire Companies can find information to apply for the grant by going to: and downloading the application.

The “Hottest Of” Disaster Recovery Charity was founded in 2005 with a two-fold Mission of recognizing Volunteer Firefighters for their heroic work and selfless actions while creating a product that supports our local fire companies and provides an opportunity to give back to victims of Property Disaster. Annually the Charity hosts a Firefighter Appreciation Party that invites all Volunteer Firefighters from Central PA to come out and be recognized for their heroic efforts.

Deadline for receiving applications will be April 30th.
Recipients will be notified no later than May 15th and will be posted at:

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